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This is a keyboard map that I developed to allow easier/faster entry of as many as possible of the character-extensions provided within the SimonettaExt font, detailed within the free font section.

It uses a wide expanse of ‘dead keys’ in order to support entry of the many characters having diacritics. There is method to this madness, but there are also some quirks that have to be remembered and mastered. One thing is that only punctuation characters are used as dead keys: thus you can use this keyboard to input English text with minimal difference from the standard QWERTY keyboards of the English-language locales. [One thing is that the ‘$’ (uppercase ‘4’ key) does not generate a dollar sign, but instead creates a Euro sign. The ‘$’ and ‘£’ are upper case ‘4’ and ‘5’ keys, respectively, when the AltGr key is also pressed.]

This keyboard map is associated with the Icelandic locale simply because there is a problem with Microsoft Word/Office. When text is being input using an English (US, UK, etc.) locale, Word does not allow you to enter the lower case ‘thorn’ character (U+00FE: ‘þ’) used by Old English (as well as Icelandic, Old Norse and some romanizations of Gothic). (If you change the input keyboard [with its associated non-English locale], the thorn character will appear. BUT if you merely change the language/locale of the text itself, the ‘thorn’ character tries to throw Word’s text/locale/language formatting into (right-to-left) Arabic. This is apparently a hang-over from years long since, when Word was limited to hardcoded, 8-bit character widths and codepage-toggling. Go figure… [This bug occurs in Office 2007; I haven’t yet tested it with anything later.])

This Latin International keymap is an extremely capable keyboard layout. The basic keyboards are pictured below.

The full range of characters supported by the SimonettaExt font family, and the Latin International keyboard that was created to allow easy access to them, is revealed in the tables contained in this file:



Latin International: Base keyboard


Latin International: Shift ke


Latin International: AltGr keyboard


Latin International: Shift + AltGr keyboard



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