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All standard Arabic-language keyboard maps are set up for the keying-in needs of the Arabic-centric markets, and are therefore optimized to the characteristics of the texts in those markets. However, for anyone who has already become accustomed to keyboards with the Latin characters, it becomes a major re-learning process to try to remember where the Arabic characters have been placed, given that there was no need for their settings to match the Western, QWERTY-based arrangement of keytops.

In order to help make the letters of the Arabic script more easily accessible to those trained on QWERTY, I came up with this placement of characters. (Note that this keyboard map is for Standard “newspaper” Arabic usage, Egyptian Arabic in particular, and does not include characters used in Arabic distant from this standard, nor for those standards  that have been extended by characters added or adapted for use by the Indo-European, Turkic, or other language-families of Asia and Africa.)


  1. Where there was no need to remap an “uppercase” Western key, the Arabic letter associated with the lowercase key appears in that uppercase position, too.
  2. Western punctuation that was mapped to an Arabic character or punctuation is still available, in the AltGr-placement of that key.




ArabicQwerty: Base keyboard


ArabicQwerty: Shift ke


ArabicQwerty: AltGr keyboard


ArabicQwerty: Shift + AltGr keyboard




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