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Gentium BasicExt
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Gentium BasicExt Bold Italic

Zipfile of the TTFs.
Zipfile of the webfont versions of the fonts.


This edited version of the Gentium Basic font set contains a very few added characters, particularly Hwair Ƕ [Ƕ ] and hwair  ƕ [ƕ] (for transcription of texts in the Gothic language) plus the precomposed characters for both uppercase and lowercase Roman Numerals.

As with SimonettaExt, the lowercase a+e ligature (“ash”, æ) was edited in the italic and bold italic versions of the original Gentium Basic font in order to match the design of its non-italic version more closely, specifically to avoid the æ - œ conundrum.

This is an under-appreciated problem, one that even occurs with fonts that “should know better”, such as Times New Roman. However, Palatino [Linotype], Georgia, Tahoma & Arial, et al., avoid the problem, most often by adapting the non-italic (or non-oblique) ‘a’ as that part of the italic/oblique ligature, rather than using the italic face’s ‘a’ form. (Note that the term italic applies correctly solely to serif fonts; all other fonts made to “lean” are called oblique.)


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