David, My David


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“Hatred is the laziest form of cowardice.”

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David, My David is the extensive saga of the life, the victory over terror, of one Eduard Gottfried Meyer.


A German keyboard prodigy born in 1921, Herr Meyer tells of a life extending from those early, halcyon-years through the the inter-war period, the ravages of the Hitler Time and World War II and beyond, into post-war, neglectful Europe, and an increasingly bipolar America, ultimately to reach the final year of this journey, in 1995. On an odyssey marked by joy and sadness, terror and redemption, he survives on the personal strength he learns from family, from their faith in and dedication to others.

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Herr Meyer’s life courses from Singhofen, his birth-village north of Frankfurt am Main, through Europe and pre-World War II Germany. After the war, he takes you to Sweden and back to Germany before excursions into Texas.

His path will lead you through Germany, and into German Texas as he details a life surmounting the infamous machines of enmity, in his innate quest for an ultimate, personal goodness. To this end, Herr Meyer, his uncle’s partner, and his own nephew all assert, as translated above,


  Der Haß iſt die trägſte Form der Feigheit.

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