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I am an over-educated American of Northern European origin: 80% Britanno-Viking, 20% German. Essentially Teutonic, but with surprises.
For further personal background, see this page.

I have a Master of Science degree in Business Administration (IT/Computer Science), graduate work and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in German and Music, and extensive experience, of over three decades, as developer, designer, project manager and executive within the software industry. Having witnessed personally how Communism, coupled with the cult of personality, affects society and commerce (particularly within Romania—Trăiască România liberă!), I possess an overview of economic, government and social systems that few Americans have had the opportunity to experience or witness at close range.

At root, I am a language specialist: some would say "geek", others "maven", and yet others, "pain in the ass". This knowledge of, and ability with, language has resulted in my being hailed by notables for my works, and in my having "written the book" on English grammar, in my editing a free version of Beowulf and in making available my editions of two works by the German author, Thomas Mann.

My analytical knowledge of English grammar is documented within that grammar text with my revision of the traditional way in which American school children were taught the concepts of grammar and syntax (and the modern lack of which has like resulted in like so like much like dribble).This Qualls Concise Diagramming methodology extends and corrects the shortcomings of Reed/Kellogg sentence-diagramming constructs.

This use of English for creative, literary purposes is somewhat of a wider family tradition, as I am cousin both of Francis Quarles and of Langston Hughes.

My abilities in computer (not really) languages has resulted in the fact that, if you do the slightest thing using the world's most widely installed computer operating system, you are running code that I wrote or designed.


On this site you will find information about my latest books, and further data on me and what I have been doing over the past few years. A personal blog, and the capacity for comments, will be added to this site shortly.




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